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  1. Host a screening or become a distribution/outreach partner (NGOs, companies, institutions).
  2. Sponsor the wider distribution and promotion of the film in China.
  3. Volunteer technical support to chronicle the film’s impact in China and around the world.
  4. Sustain our outreach efforts. Click the paypal button to the right.
  5. Support partner organizationsand get involved!Contact us by email at info[at]

Restoring the Light is a non-profit production. The filmmaker began the project as a volunteer effort in 2008 and she would like to thank the following groups and individuals for either their contribution and/or generous in-kind support along the way.


China Foundation for Disabled Persons
The Pacific Pioneer Fund
The Hall Family Trust

Event Sponsors

Peggy and Michael Moh
Nancy Wang (on behalf of the Wang Family's G&G Education Foundation, USA)

Generous Supporters

Fan Zhang
Prof. Andrea Lunsford
Helen Cheung, MD
Tiffany Shiau

Generous In-Kind Supporters

Ada Shen, former Director for Corporate Social Responsibility for PepsiCo Greater China
Loretta Jitner, Founder & President at Media Matters, Inc. and Pencils for Kids, Inc.
Jeremiah Abraham, Founder
Charles Osawa, Art Director

As a way to spur greater humanitarian involvement, RESTORING THE LIGHT would like to promote the following partner organizations for their notable work:

Rural Education Action Project of Stanford University
Golden Key Research Center of Education for the Visually Impaired
Huaqiao Foundation (China Bridge)
Vision in Practice

Restoring the Light Volunteers and Acknowledgments

Dixie Chan
Melanie Reynaud
Justin Liang
Loretta Liu
Yuki Smolin
Lulu Katherine DeBoer
Yvette Dickson-Tetteh
Li Yiting
Wu Xiaolong
Minda Paglinawan
Abraham Caplan
Jade Tian
Felipe Perez
Dai Xia
Yan Chen
Zhao Yao
Zhang Xun
Jennifer Qi
Liu Shuo
Chen Di

Restoring the Light is a non-profit 501(c)(3) fiscally-sponsored project of Visual Communications.

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